Learn how robotic automation can transform the eCommerce industry

Our Exclusive Robotic Automation Kit Includes:

  • Case Study | Global 3PL: Discover how Berkshire Grey significantly reduced labor costs for a Global 3PL and enabled competitive innovation in a market with established heavy hitters, all during Covid-19
  • eBook | Secrets of Robotic PickingLearn how picking solves problems for retailers, ecommerce, providers, and parcel carriers globally
  • eBook | Myths of Machine Potential: Why you should be wary of exaggerated pick rates, and how to spot real results

Case Study:  eCommerce Fulfillment for a Global 3PL

This Case Study reviews how a Global 3PL came to us by recognizing the opportunity to enter a new market by providing technology-enabled eCommerce fulfillment services. Berkshire Grey's solutions were chosen as the foundation to address the Global 3PL's business needs. In this case study, we cover:
  • A transformative eCommerce fulfillment process, supported by leading-edge robotic automation & AI
  • How solutions enabled competitive innovation in a market with established heavy hitters
  • And more!


eBook: Secrets of Robotic Picking

This eBook reveals how intelligent robotic automation can boost throughput and lower operational costs. Download the kit to:
  • Recognize the common misconceptions of robotic picking
  • Compare the strengths — and weaknesses — of different robotic pickers
  • Examine the role AI and machine learning play in robotic systems
  • Learn about the complexities of sensing and scanning in robotics
  • Understand why robotic picking must BE part of a holistic approach to automation


eBook: Real Robotic Pick Rates and the Myth of Machine Potential

Learn more about machine potential, overly optimistic numbers, and how to calculate real system performance. Download the eBook to:
  • Understand the factors used to calculate robotic pick rates
  • Recognize the picking conditions your environment may represent
  • Compare the strengths and weaknesses of various robotic picking approaches
  • Identify which specific variables your robotic environment requires to succeed

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